M.I. Massaazikool, the Tallin International Massage Academy, arrives in the Veneto province for one European project of professional sector visit and training, to be carried out on a path in the field of physiotherapy and massages on the territory of Rovigo. The project, promoted by the International Massage Academy of Tallin (www.massaaz.ee), has precisely Italy is also included among the destinations, where it will take care of the reception and the logistics organization formative was the Association of cultural exchanges Muoversi.eu (www.muoversi.eu), based in Rovigo and already well tested on an international level and worthy of merit for having promoted and made known in the last years ago this area of ​​Polesine to other countries such as Malta and Portugal, also through the network of European design. Luca Fonti, president of the agency, explains how Muoversi.eu deals with the activities related to the training related to European mobility intervention programs. Intermediate structure and of welcome, provides for the organization and management of projects for the part connected to the language training and the inclusion of participants in private companies, public bodies and organizations, ai purposes of conducting the training internship and achieving the project objectives. The two participants Mai-Liis Toivar and Aljona Säilev, respectively school director and deputy director at the Estonian Academy, they are spending the 2-week period, scheduled for 12 to 27 September, dropped into a path of high professional training and technical and specific study in the area of massages and physiotherapy. The host institution for the internship is the Fisiomed Srl Rehabilitation Center (www.fisiomed.eu), contacted by Muoversi.eu, was immediately available for the implementation of the program, putting a in addition to its facilities, the professional skills of the staff are also available. The director Mario They welcomed the Estonian professionals with great openness and enthusiasm, undertaking them a path of exchange of techniques and mutual formation that is bringing positive results and qualitative growth for all involved, from a professional point of view, but also personal thanks to the added value of cultural exchange. At the Fisiomed facilities, as planned by Muoversi.eu, they were held in recent days also other highly professional meetings, operated by external experts in holistic massage techniques energy, coming from private studies in Veneto and Emilia, which have fascinated all the participants, stimulating new debates on the subject and expanding the horizons of the sector.

Valentina Manuela

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