2015 erasmus

On May 9th, at 4:00 p.m., a delegation of six students, the third year of the Management Computer Technician courses (Paulo Alves and Tiago Ferreira) and Technical Secretary (Ana Alves, Cátia Alves, Kelly Alves and Liliana Neto) , accompanied by Professor Maria Dulce Ferreira, were preparing to check in for Italy, more specifically the city of Rovigo, where they will carry out the Training in the Work Context for seven weeks.

With a brief walk through the beautiful city of Bologna, the arrival at Rovigo was awaited with expectation. Great changes were expected: contact with a foreign language, knowledge of the host entities, among many other aspects.

But at the end of a week, words like “nail”, “buongiorno”, “grazie” were already part of everyone’s daily life. A great and enriching opportunity that these six young people will have. They will surely return to Portugal with a hand full of excellent memories and good learning.