Two classes together by bicycle at the Fornace di Rovigo

scuole rovigo

On May 9th the classes A and I B of the Istituto Parenzo di Rovigo they have made an ecological and economical trip by bike. ROVIGO The schools were accompanied by 4 teachers, including the prof.ssa Damiana Targa who organized the thing and 4 volunteers from the F.I.A.B (Italian Federation of Bike Friends) who were in charge of check the good performance of the safety trip for the students.

The boys and carers climbed on their bikes around the clock 9:00. Departed from Via Parenzo, crossed the Corso del Popolo of Rovigo, the group has embarked on the San Pio X district.

After a short journey in this area, the location of Roverdicrè and with favorable weather the two school groups they continued on a dirt road, among verdant and sparse fields houses many of which are renovated and beautiful. After a brief stop to visit the Grignano Fornace Fonti, he resumed a little energies, the participants arrived in the square of this village.

This locality while being surrounded by countryside, it is very expanded in these last years and has several new neighborhoods. Get off the bikes all have made a short visit listening and observing what the teachers They explained.

Shooting the bikes around 12:00, for a short journey all they returned to school. In conclusion, the one described was a particular experience for know the area around the center of Rovigo and practice a bit ‘of road safety education.

Davide Soave