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The Environment.Skills project made stronger that EE is a broad concept implying many different aspects of life (personal, professional, etc.) and through the project development the environmental themes have been integrated to the curricula of participants and educative institutions.
The Environment.Skills project created best possibilities for shaping people’s value orientations. The project moulded a new way to implement EE, showing as sustainable development is a system of knowledge, skills, attitudes and value orientations, which made people conscious of the relations of the natural, economic, and socio-cultural environment, focusing thereby on the idea of sustainable development.

Within the project, NTM strengthened and working-out on the components of environmental education, as:
-Awareness and sensitivity to the environment and environmental challenges
-Knowledge and understanding of the environment and environmental challenges
-Attitudes of concern for the environment and motivation to improve or maintain environmental quality
-Skills to identify and help resolve environmental challenges
-Participation in activities that lead to the resolution of environmental challenges.


Environment.Skills addressed to 21 participants in VET, divided in:
-16 NTM teaching staff, for a training period abroad of 6 days, excluding travel;
-5 learners studying environmental management subjects, for a training period abroad of 13 days, excluding travel;
-6 extra participants have been calculated but this flow has been canceled for Covid19 pandemic.
Educational background referred to the sectors of the environmental subjects, biological, organic, sustainable, managerial and communicative activities connected to the environmental education, training and management context and equivalent.

The Environment.Skills gave the opportunity to do an internship VET (NTM teaching staff and learners in EE and environment management), thematic EE and sustainable development, for staff and learners, bearing the added value of internationality. The training activities referred therefore to a full-immersion experience in environmental realities and entities of a different European country (Italy), through a process of effective depth and targeted training.

The training process in the selected as talented foreign entity, strategic for practing and developing training and educational environmental activities, allowed participants to acquire knowledge and develop managerial, training and communicative skills connected to the EE, sustainable development and environment management.

Environment.Skills empowered individuals and communities to become agents of change to achieve the well-being of the human race without compromising that of future generations. It applied holistic approaches to target the environmental, economic and social well-being of the human race and the whole planet.
The project chose Italy as European country of destination, for its characteristics and its neighborhood to Malta, close for distance but especially for the similar Mediterranean environmental contexts.

NTM, applicant organisation, worked synergistically with the foreign intermediary and hosting company located in the foreign Country. The entire partnership (national and foreign) is, by missions, addicted to encourage KNOWLEDGE and SECTORAL SKILLS, operating with synergistic action between EDUCATION and VOCATIONAL WORK TRAINING, encouraging the development of education and management skills and the attainment of qualifications for fill in the gaps at skills level.

-high feedback on the national educational, entrepreneurial and environmental context.
-enhancement of synergy environment-education-economy.
-creation of a pool of national HR strategic to encourage adaptation and innovation and to support the strengthening of environmental policies in many different sector.
-partecipatory presence and importance of interactions between Countries.

The impact is strong on the environmental education concept: is a driving force to obtain a qualitatively high feedback on the national EE and sustainable development context; it also created a pool of national human resources strategic to encourage adaptation and innovation and to support the strengthening of environmental policies in the educational and managerial sectors of environment context in Malta.

On the LONG TERM, the Environment.Skills project:
-with the added value of internationality, generated broadmindedness and adaptation and provided the right tools to compete in this specific context;
-with its objectives, is contributing to the environmental challenges so that the EU can becoming the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world.

We are happy and satisfied that at the end, despite Covid19 challenges, we completed all moblities and objectives.


Final Presentation results E+


In partenza il Progetto €œVocational Heritage promosso da Heritage Managment Consultants alta in partenariato Muoversi.eu in qualità di ente intermediario in Italia, si inquadra all’€™interno del Programma Leonardo da Vinci Azione Mobilità  Misura VETPRO e mira a sostenere la mobilità transnazionale delle persone responsabili della formazione professionale e/o risorse umane che operano all’€™interno degli uffici, enti, musei, che agiscono sotto la responsabilità di Heritage Malta.

I partecipanti, divisi in più flussi, realizzeranno un tirocinio/scambio presso Muoversi.eu. Lo stesso sarà incentrato sul trasferimento, sul miglioramento e sull’aggiornamento di competenze e/o metodologie e pratiche innovative nel campo della formazione professionale. Lo scambio riguarderà, inoltre, un periodo di formazione linguistica dei professionisti coinvolti prima di dare avvio alla fase di tirocinio.
Il Programma Leonardo da Vinci, al cui interno si sviluppa la presente proposta, cofinanzia la realizzazione della mobilità in base alla durata dello scambio e al Paese ospitante. Sono stabiliti dei massimali di contributo per le seguenti voci:
• Organizzazione del Progetto (progettazione, gestione e monitoraggio, rendicontazione e disseminazione dei risultati; preparazione dei partecipanti – formazione linguistica);
• Partecipanti (sussistenza – assicurazione contro il rischio infortunistico e la responsabilità civile, contributo per il vitto e i trasporti locali, alloggio, tutoraggio specifico; contributo per il viaggio a/r).

Le attività pianificate mirano a rafforzare l’apprendimento reciproco, la cooperazione e lo scambio di conoscenze, buone prassi e know how e contribuiscono alla modernizzazione dei sistemi di formazione all’interno delle strutture di provenienza, grazie all’esperienza accumulata dai professionisti coinvolti.
Il partenariato, nazionale e transnazionale, è stato strutturato in modo da sostenere la realizzazione delle attività in tutte le fasi progettuali e riunire soggetti sufficientemente motivati e interessati, operanti nel settore professionale privilegiato del Progetto e in grado di garantire una efficace diffusione dei risultati sul territorio.


The Vocational Heritage project, promoted by the Heritage Managment Consultants in partnership with Muoversi.eu operating in the Heritage committees.
The main objective is the will to support participants in training and educational activities, in the acquisition and use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate individual development, employability and participation in the EU labor market, especially in the area of the Museum management, Technologies of Restoration and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage.
Participants, divided into several flows related to the committees’ membership, will realize an internship / exchange in the structures of the Soprintendenza, Museums and Institution for the promotion of the cultural heritage, based in the Italian regions of Veneto and Emilia-Romagna (IT).
Also, before launching the training phase, the exchange programme will provide a brief language course for the involved professionals.
The LdV Programme, with reference to this proposal, co-finances the realization of mobility based on the duration of the exchange and the host country. It’s established the contribution for the following points:
• Project Organisation (planning, management and monitoring, reporting and dissemination of results; preparation of participants – language course);
• Participants (subsistence – accidents liability insurance, contribution for food and local transport, accommodation, tutoring and monitoring; contribution for travel).
The planned activities aim to strengthen the mutual learning process, the cooperation and exchange of knowledge, the best practices and know-how, thus contributing to the improvement of training systems within the structures of origin and this thanks to the experience of the involved professionals.
The national and transnational partnership has been structured to support the implementation of the activities in all the phases of the project, gathering motivated and interested personalities who are involved in the project as professionals and able to ensure the effective dissemination of results.