The “VocHe” Project has been funded by EUPA.
Promoted by Heritage Management Consultants and coordinated by Malta Vocational Centre, VocHe has the main objective to offer the opportunity to n.9 professionals to improve their given skills and to acquire new technical-professional know-how. This, through their insertion within qualified work groups operating within institutions and bodies in the field of the cultural heritage, which give them new important awareness and experience within an intercultural system. That of intercultural is an essential factor in the creation of a development strategy to understand the new European quality standards in the field of the multicultural heritage. The participants will be involved in the following fields: management of the patrimony and related sectors, restoration, management of Museums and Institution for the promotion of the cultural heritage. The project is aimed to increase the international competitiveness in the field of multicultural Heritage.
In order to achieve these international competences the participants will undergo a training period of 2 weeks.

Coutry of destination: Italy


  • Heritage Management Consultants;


Intermediary partner:

Host partners:

The Cultural Heritage project, promoted by the Heritage Malta in partnership with  operating in the Heritage committees.
The main objective is the will to support participants in training and educational activities, in the acquisition and use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate individual development, employability and participation in the EU labor market, especially in the area of the Museum management, Technologies of Restoration and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage.
Participants, divided into several flows related to the committees’ membership, will realize an internship / exchange in the structures of the Soprintendenza, Museums and Institution for the promotion of the cultural heritage, based in the Italian regions of Veneto and Emilia-Romagna (IT).
Also, before launching the training phase, the exchange programme will provide a brief language course for the involved professionals.
The LdV Programme, with reference to this proposal, co-finances the realization of mobility based on the duration of the exchange and the host country. It’s established the contribution for the following points:
• Project Organisation (planning, management and monitoring, reporting and dissemination of results; preparation of participants – language course);
• Participants (subsistence – accidents liability insurance, contribution for food and local transport, accommodation, tutoring and monitoring; contribution for travel).
The planned activities aim to strengthen the mutual learning process, the cooperation and exchange of knowledge, the best practices and know-how, thus contributing to the improvement of training systems within the structures of origin and this thanks to the experience of the involved professionals.
The national and transnational partnership has been structured to support the implementation of the activities in all the phases of the project, gathering motivated and interested personalities who are involved in the project as professionals and able to ensure the effective dissemination of results.