On May 9th the classes A and I B of the Istituto Parenzo di Rovigo they have made an ecological and economical trip by bike. ROVIGO The schools were accompanied by 4 teachers, including the prof.ssa Damiana Targa who organized the thing and 4 volunteers from the F.I.A.B (Italian Federation of Bike Friends) who were in charge of check the good performance of the safety trip for the students.

The boys and carers climbed on their bikes around the clock 9:00. Departed from Via Parenzo, crossed the Corso del Popolo of Rovigo, the group has embarked on the San Pio X district.

After a short journey in this area, the location of Roverdicrè and with favorable weather the two school groups they continued on a dirt road, among verdant and sparse fields houses many of which are renovated and beautiful. After a brief stop to visit the Grignano Fornace Fonti, he resumed a little energies, the participants arrived in the square of this village.

This locality while being surrounded by countryside, it is very expanded in these last years and has several new neighborhoods. Get off the bikes all have made a short visit listening and observing what the teachers They explained.

Shooting the bikes around 12:00, for a short journey all they returned to school. In conclusion, the one described was a particular experience for know the area around the center of Rovigo and practice a bit ‘of road safety education.

Davide Soave



M.I. Massaazikool, the Tallin International Massage Academy, arrives in the Veneto province for a European project of professional sector visit and training, to be carried out on a path in the field of physiotherapy and massages on the territory of Rovigo. The project, promoted by the International Massage Academy of Tallin (www.massaaz.ee), has also foreseen among the destinations also Italy, where to deal with reception and logistics and training organization was the Association of exchanges cultural Muoversi.eu (www.muoversi.eu), based in Rovigo and already well tested on an international level and worthy of merit for having promoted and made known in recent years this area of ​​Polesine to other countries such as Malta and Portugal, always through the European design network. Luca Fonti, president of the agency, explains how Muoversi.eu deals with the activities related to training related to the European mobility intervention programs. Intermediary and reception structure, provides for the organization and management of projects for the part related to language training and the inclusion of participants in private companies, public bodies and organizations, for the purposes of conducting the training internship and achieving the objectives of project. The two participants Mai-Liis Toivar and Aljona Säilev, respectively a scholastic director and deputy director at the Estonian Academy, are spending the 2-week period, scheduled from 12 to 27 September, dropped in a path of high professional training and deepening technical and specific in the area of ​​massages and physiotherapy. The host institution for the internship is the Fisiomed Srl Rehabilitation Center (www.fisiomed.eu) which, contacted by Muoversi.eu, was immediately available for the implementation of the program, making available, in addition to its facilities, also the professional skills of the staff. The Director Mario Loro welcomed the Estonian professionals with great openness and enthusiasm, undertaking with them a path of exchange of techniques and mutual training that is bringing positive results and qualitative growth to all involved, from a point of view certainly professional but also personal thanks to the added value of cultural exchange. At the Fisiomed facilities, as planned by Muoversi.eu, other highly professional meetings were held in recent days, carried out by external experts in holistic techniques of energetic massage, coming from private studies in Veneto and Emilia, which they passionate all the participants, stimulating new debates on the subject and expanding the horizons of the sector.



Under the Erasmus + Program, funded by the European Union, six students from the 12th year of the courses in Commerce and Computer Science had the opportunity to undertake a seven-week internship in Rovigo, Italy.

During this period, besides the stage that realized, they were able to visit Venice, Padua, Ferrara and Rome. Moments they will certainly not forget, both personally and professionally.

Santo Tirso is in Rovigo!

Under the Erasmus + Program, funded by the European Union, the Cidenai Professional School received the 2016 Good Practice Award in Braga, in the Medieval Hall of the University of Minho, on 21 September.

In this ceremony, the Pedagogical Director was present on behalf of the school, who proudly received this award, representative of the commitment and permanent link of the school to Europe, providing various experiences to its students abroad.

This award honors the 2015 project, which allowed 12 students, who were in their 11th and 12th years, to take the internship abroad, namely in Rovigo, Italy from Muoversi.eu, and Tenerife.

This project also included post-training internships for four students in Derry, Ireland. Santo Tirso is in Europe!

Seminario sul tema ERASMUS+€


Dr. Pedro Pires, Agência Nacional Erasmus+ Educação e Formação
œOpportunità dall’ Erasmus+

Dr. Ricardo Sampaio, Scuola Professionale di Santo Tirso
L’€™ Europeizzazione nell’insegnamento superiore

Dr. Luca Fonti, Muoversi.eu di Rovigo
“Integrazione tra studenti europei ed Enti locali ed Imprese della città di Rovigo”

Partecipanti al Progetto Erasmus+ 2016 ed Ex-Partecipanti (2015 e 2014)

Invitati ufficiali
Confindustria Venezia e Rovigo
Accademia dei Concordi
Comune di Rovigo
Turismo e Cultura
CTG Veneto
Pop Lab
Baratella Calzature
IT Geometri
Perle e Murrine
Liceo Scientifico Paleocapa
IT Geometri A. Bernini
IIS De Amicis

Intervistati durante la pausa del corso di cultura e lingua Italiana, un gruppo di giovani Erasmus di Rovigo si trova alle prese con uno strano personaggio.

Under the Erasmus + Program, funded by the European Union, the Cidenai Vocational School provided 12 students from the Secretariat, Commerce and Information Technology courses to study abroad for seven weeks. Thus, six senior year students were in Rovigo, Italy, from May 11 to June 29.

This participation helped to enrich their professional training, but also personal, having these students experienced a multiplicity of experiences.  Also worthy of note were the International Multiplier Events, in each of the destinations, where the Project, the Cidenai School, the region of Santo Tirso and even the country were promoted.

In Rovigo, this took place on June 24, with the participation of the Educational Director, Ricardo Sampaio, the Director General, Mário Barros, and a representative of the National Agency Erasmus +, Pedro Pires. In Tenerife, the event took place on July 29, with the participation of the Pedagogical Director of the School.

They were two very remarkable and singular moments, with lectures, debates and presentations of the performance of the participants.

Finished Mobility Project Management (MiM) coordinated by Muoversi.eu in collaboration with Malta Vocational Centre and the Malta Institute of Managment organization. Continua a leggere

The second meeting of a series of 2 mobility projects began, which a consortium of schools from the Greek islands started with the Muoversi.eu association of Rovigo.

The project includes seminars, business and cultural visits in the province of Rovigo. Great impact on the young participants who have visited the best companies of the high Polesine operating in the development of sustainable tourism. Following the group Luca Fonti together with Dimitris Angelinas.

On May 9th, at 4:00 p.m., a delegation of six students, the third year of the Management Computer Technician courses (Paulo Alves and Tiago Ferreira) and Technical Secretary (Ana Alves, Cátia Alves, Kelly Alves and Liliana Neto) , accompanied by Professor Maria Dulce Ferreira, were preparing to check in for Italy, more specifically the city of Rovigo, where they will carry out the Training in the Work Context for seven weeks.

With a brief walk through the beautiful city of Bologna, the arrival at Rovigo was awaited with expectation. Great changes were expected: contact with a foreign language, knowledge of the host entities, among many other aspects.

But at the end of a week, words like “nail”, “buongiorno”, “grazie” were already part of everyone’s daily life. A great and enriching opportunity that these six young people will have. They will surely return to Portugal with a hand full of excellent memories and good learning.